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Serving commercial, industrial,

& agricultural roof types. 

Chase Roofing specializes in commercial roof restoration for metal, single-ply and asphalt roofs. Using Everest products, our systems are applied directly to your existing roof without the costly tear-off necessary for a roof rebuild.

We do a free evaluation of your roof to determine the issues and the best roof restoration system for your specific needs. It is important to apply the product to a properly prepared roof surface. After we prepare the roof surface we take a lot of care in the application of our products to give your roof the highest quality finish. We provide a long term solution using the highest quality of products.

Zinc run-off from galvanized roofs are becoming an issue. We have solutions that can be applied to your existing roof that will resolve this problem.

Roof replacement can have a negative impact on both landfills and your wallet. Our roof restoration system will prevent a costly tear-off and the environmental consequences of unnecessary waste in our landfills.

Chase Roofing uses Everest Products

Everest Coatings offer a watertight seal, energy savings, lower maintenance, and superior long-term performance.

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